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An enterprise IoT solution ecosystem is vast. It includes sensors, actuators, hardware, microcontrollers, embedded software, communication channels and protocols, cloud platforms, analysis tools, and business applications.

To take full advantage of IoT opportunities, you need to think strategically about the many elements of IoT. For example, one should consider connectivity pathways and types, transport-layer and application-layer protocol choices, device interaction and communication patterns, and how to design for the vast scale of IoT.

It is especially critical to understand the complex issues of data security and regulatory compliance, which can an impact to reputation, revenue, and legal difficulties if they are not handled properly. You also should think about how the enterprise’s communications systems will ingest data, including message types, sizes, formats, and priorities, conditional and contextual messaging, message batching, bandwidth, and how to scale a messaging system.

Another pivotal set of questions to ask relate to the data:

The elements that are needed for security, communication, and scale in an IoT solution make it very challenging to build one from scratch. To succeed with any IoT solution, it will very likely require the implementation of a reference architecture that can help accelerate the use of massive data from millions or even billions of devices. Modeling the system’s capacity to scale, and calculating the costs to do so for related aspects, such as ingress (device to cloud) and egress (cloud to device, cloud to system) paths and system processing, is paramount. Depending on the company background, a classic buy vs. build vs. hybrid decision should be made, based on what you are already using, what is available, and what will be available in the near future at a price that is acceptable to your business. This white paper introduces and describes all of these considerations and provides you with the tools necessary to estimate the operational cost of an implemented reference architecture in production.

jivoo has developed an IoT Solution Framework to accelerate time to solution for out clients.

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